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Mid-Shore Commerce: A Chat With Chesapeake Bank and Trust President Bob Altieri

Mid-Shore Commerce: A Chat With Chesapeake Bank and Trust President Bob Altieri

Chesapeake Bank & Trust President Bob Altieri was recently interviewed by the The Chestertown SPY for their Mid-Shore Commerce series of articles. As reported by The SPY,

“As some community banks appear more and more on the endangered species list nationally, Bob Altieri points to his staff and Chesapeake Bank and Trust’s personal relationship with the community as the key to its successful role in local banking.

‘It’s amazing to me to think that you can have so much impact on the community by gathering deposits and lending the money back out. When eighty to ninety percent of your loans are in Kent County, that’s a pretty exciting thing,” Altieri says.’

Altieri, entering his fourth year as President of the bank, strives to make CB and T more about community relations than banking algorithms while offering a nimbler approach to lending and providing other bank services. This local focus can lead to quicker decision-making and more flexibility in lending, benefiting small businesses and individuals who may not qualify for loans from larger institutions.”

To read more from this article and to listen to this informative chat session with Bob Altieri you can visit the online publication date March 25, 2024 here.

For more information, contact Chesapeake Bank and Trust at 410-778-1600, or e-mail Bob Altieri directly at baltieri@chesapeaketrust.com.

Chesapeake Bank & Trust welcomes new CFO, Lynn Payne

Chesapeake Bank & Trust welcomes new CFO, Lynn Payne

May 31, 2023

Chesapeake Bank and Trust Company is pleased to announce that Lynn Payne has joined its staff as Chief Financial Officer. She will replace Pat Stanley, who is retiring after serving the Bank for nearly 9 years as CFO.

“With her extensive experience in local community banking, Lynn will make a wonderful addition to our organization,” said Mr. Altieri. “We look forward to having her join our management team.”

Mrs. Payne obtained her B.S. in Accounting from University of Maryland College Park and has held a CPA designation since 1994. After 21 years with Prince George’s Federal Savings Bank, she joined CNB as its CFO. Her career continued with Shore United Bank, where she served as Director of Finance and Director of Asset Liability Management (ALM), and had budgeting, Treasury and CECL responsibilities. Mrs. Payne and her husband, Greg, reside in Centreville with their two sons, Sean and Eric. She enjoys gardening, tennis, hiking, and traveling with her family.

“I’ve spent my entire career in community banking and most of it as a CFO. I look forward to joining the Bank and continuing with their great legacy,” said Mrs. Payne.

About Chesapeake Bank and Trust

Chesapeake Bank and Trust is a full-service community bank, locally owned and directed by area business and community leaders. The Bank is committed to providing area residents and business owners with a broad range of financial products and an unparalleled level of individual service. Chesapeake Bank and Trust’s main branch is located at 245 High Street, Chestertown, Maryland 21620.

For more information, contact Chesapeake Bank and Trust at 410-778-1600, or e-mail Bob Altieri directly at baltieri@chesapeaketrust.com.

President’s Message: Safe and Sound

To our customers,

In light of the recent news about certain financial institutions, I want you to know that Chesapeake Bank and Trust Company is safe and sound and will continue to maintain its prudent banking principles that have served the community for over 37 years.

One of those principles is the management of our balance sheet. The recent bank failures were due in large part to balance sheet mismanagement. Heavy exposure to interest rate risk left these banks particularly vulnerable to a run. Once the banks were known to be facing solvency issues, word traveled quickly through the venture capital community and deposits fled as quickly as customers could log into their online accounts.

Chesapeake Bank and Trust Company is well-capitalized with a healthy, diversified portfolio of deposits and investments, and we have a strong liquidity position. We have not deviated from our founders’ vision 37 years ago: the safety and soundness of our operations have been and remain our utmost priority.

Rest assured, Chesapeake Bank and Trust is well-positioned to operate business as usual, and will offer the same solid and consistent community banking that you have come to rely on for so many years. Chesapeake Bank and Trust has been built on core assets from a diverse group of long-term business, agricultural, and retail customers. Our deposits have remained very stable in every economic cycle.

We are available for you and welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about your banking needs now and in the future. Please feel free to call me directly at 410.778.1600 or email me at baltieri@chesapeaketrust.com

With warm regards,

Robert A. Altieri
President/CEO Chesapeake Bank & Trust



Welcome to our new Branch

Welcome to our new Branch

Chesapeake Bank & Trust Company (CB&T) has officially opened its new branch conveniently located at 611 Washington Avenue on the southeast corner of Morgnec Road and 213. The branch is full service and also offers drive-in banking. We welcome your visit.

E.L.B. Incorporated Expresses Gratitude for CB&T

E.L.B. Incorporated Expresses Gratitude for CB&T

On Thursday, April 30, 2020, Lori Elburn-Tucker and Mike Tucker of E.L.B. Incorporated delivered lunch to the staff of Chesapeake Bank & Trust Company. In a post shared on Facebook, E.L.B. Incorporated wrote, “Delivering lunch today to our favorite hometown bank! Thank you for being there in our community’s time of need!”

Our staff thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food from Luisa’s, and was touched by the kind gesture from our friends at E.L.B. Incorporated.

Mike Tucker & Lori Elburn-Tucker