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Chesapeake Bank & Trust Company is a proud member of the Allpoint Network.

Allpoint provides you with the freedom to get your cash where you want, when you want, wherever you are — without the ATM fees. With over 55,000 ATMs in the Allpoint Network, your cash is never far away.

Want to learn more? Here are some frequently asked questions about Allpoint.

What is the Allpoint Network?
Allpoint is a network of 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs located across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Australia. Because Chesapeake Bank & Trust is a member of the Allpoint Network, our cardholders have surcharge-free access to these ATMs.

Where can I find Allpoint Network ATMs?
Allpoint Network ATMs are located in local, regional and national retailers, including Rite Aid, CVS/pharmacy, Target, Walgreens, Safeway, Costco Wholesale, A Plus at Sunoco, Circle K, Wawa, and many others.
How can I find Allpoint Network ATMs?
There are several ways to find the nearest Allpoint Network ATM:

  • Use the locator at AllpointNetwork.com
  • Download the free Allpoint app for your iPhone, Android or Windows device
  • Look for the Allpoint logo on the ATM

How do I gain access to Allpoint Network ATMs?
As a Chesapeake Bank & Trust Visa debit cardholder, you automatically have access to Allpoint’s over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Use the card you already have in your wallet — there’s no need to enroll!
I used the Allpoint Locator to find an ATM, but I did not see the Allpoint logo on the machine. Will I be charged?
No. All ATMs listed on the Allpoint ATM locator are surcharge-free, even if the Allpoint logo is not on the ATM.
I used an Allpoint Network ATM and the "surcharge message" screen said I would be charged for the transaction I was attempting. Will I be charged?
No. Due to the technical limitations of certain types of ATM machines, we are not able to prevent the “surcharge message” screen from appearing on some Allpoint ATMs. You should continue the transaction by answering “yes” on this screen. When you get your receipt, you’ll see that you were not assessed a surcharge (i.e., the withdrawal amount on your receipt will show $20, $40, $60, etc., as opposed to $21.50, $41.50, $61.50, etc. shown when you pay a surcharge).
I used an Allpoint Network ATM and assessed a surcharge. Can I be reimbursed?
Yes! Contact a Chesapeake Bank & Trust customer service representative and they will assist you in filing a claim with Allpoint.