"Spend Local ... Stay Local" Gift Card

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Spend Local Gift Card


1) Visit Chesapeake Bank and Trust at:  245 High Street, Chestertown

2) Call 410-778-1600

3) Email to spendlocal@chesapeaketrust.com


What happens when you make the choice to spend local?

Your money stays in the community:  For each $100 spent at a locally owned store, $45 stays in the local economy.  Local independents employ other local businesses for services, give to local non-profits, and invest in projects that benefit the community. 
You’re preserving local character:  Where we shop, eat and have fun is what makes our community home.  Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of our distinctive character.
You’re creating more jobs for your friends and neighbors:  Small local businesses are collectively the largest employers.  When you buy from your neighbor, you help to employ your neighbor.
You’re putting your taxes to good use:  Local businesses in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure investment.  Thus taxes can be used for more valuable services for all citizens.

What is the “spend local stay local” GIFT CARD?
The “spend local stay local” program is a marketing and educational initiative created and sponsored by Chesapeake Bank and Trust Company.  The gift card is designed to work only within a closed-loop network of locally owned, independent businesses and retailers.  The goal of the initiative is to advocate the benefits of spending locally, and to encourage local citizens to think local first when it comes to making purchases or engaging businesses for services.
Retailers who opt to take part in the program will be added to the “closed-loop network” of local, independent businesses.  Customers will purchase the gift cards online, at Chesapeake Bank and Trust Company, or at select businesses that choose to maintain an inventory of pre-loaded cards. 
When a customer presents a “spend local stay local” GIFT CARD at the retailer’s register, the card is processed for payment as a Discover Card transaction.  There is no cost to participate in the program, beyond the standard Discover transaction fee.

Why support “spend local stay local”?
A survey by the American Independent Business Alliance found that locally-owned businesses outperformed average retailer sales during the 2009 holiday season.  The same survey found that independent retailers in cities with active, long-term “Buy Independent/Buy Local” campaigns reported 2% stronger holiday sales than those in cities without such campaigns.
Nearly 80% of those surveyed said public awareness of the value of choosing locally owned businesses had increased in the last year, and that awareness and support had been critical to their ability to stay in business during down economic times.
 Many local organizations are working hard to highlight the benefits of patronizing local businesses, offering shared advertising and special events throughout the year.  The “spend local stay local” GIFT CARD is designed to supplement these efforts by increasing the visibility of your business, and to help customers identify local, independent merchants.